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About Wendy

Wendy grew up in a family of 7 children and as the only girl of 6 brothers, she became a caregiver at a young age. She has always been very sensitive person so naturally, she looked for people in need. For many years she believed that love was defined by how people responded to what did for others. She believed it was someone else’s responsibility to make her feel loved. The truth is she didn’t love herself enough.

Wendy has always been very passionate about connecting with others with depth and meaning. Her mission in life is to spread peace, love, and harmony to others by helping them overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage their own happiness that blocks them from loving themselves and letting others love them.

At a young age of 21, Wendy married her best friend in the fall of 1998. Two years later their son was born and in 2005 their family felt complete with a sweet little girl. During her free time she enjoys being active, spending time in nature and taking road trips with her family. She also enjoys yoga, meditation, gardening, journaling, reading, spinning, trail running and cooking.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been a client of Wendy Nelson’s for about 4 years. We talk about things I can do to improve my stress levels. We focus on goals I can do personally to improve my life. I look forward to our talks and the monthly sessions. I walk away feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to work on my goals.

  • Kristy S.

Wendy is constantly searching for ways to improve her service to her clients. Since I met Wendy, she has continued to push herself in her craft by continuing to educate herself in new techniques that have made her even better at what she does. Her ability to encourage me to focus on the mind/body connection has been invaluable to my personal growth and physical well being. Thanks Wendy!!  

  • Kari F.

True Freedom is Achieved When you Choose to See Your Life as an Opportunity For Change.

Wendy Nelson, LMT

BodyMind Coach

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